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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PS3) / PS3-Fußballspiel, Plattform.: Playstation 3 / onlinefähig / Entwickler / Publisher: Konami / PEGI-Freigabe: 3 Jahre / HD-Format: 720p (HD-Ready) / Spielmodus: Wettkampf / Typ: Konsolenspiel / neue M.A.S.S. (Motion Animation Stability System)

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Name oder Warenzeichen des LieferantenKonami
Modellkennung des LieferantenPS3-PES14
ESRB-BewertungE (Jeder)
Freigabedatum (TT/MM/JJ)20/09/2013
Multiplayer Modus TypOffline, Online
PlattformPlayStation 3
Unterstützte SprachenITA

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,, am 04.10.13
Viel wurde philosophiert noch mehr gemutmaßt, doch am Ende kann man klar sagen PES legt die Latte schon ziemlich hoch und kann es dieses Jahr unserer Meinung nach schaffen FIFA die Show zu stehlen. Allerdings macht man sich das Leben unnötig selbst schwer...mehr lesen
,, am 14.11.13

Detailed, precise player controls. Emphasis on ball control and realistic dribbling. Updated collision system makes physical aspects of the game more realistic. Very detailed character creator.

Bottom Line, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 us a good soccer/football experience with a greater emphasis on on-the-field detail than on coach or manager detail. Still, series fans may consider it worth purchasing for its impressive ball control and player coll...

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,, am 10.10.13

Great New Engine l Lots of Potential l Passing is Bliss l Master League

Dodgy AI l Terrible Commentary l Awful Goalkeeprs l Broken Shooting l Hollow Design

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,, am 08.10.13

Looks great; plays even better; and official UEFA competitions are available

Simulation fans will like FIFA 14 better; serious lack of official licensing; and archaic menu system is dated

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,, am 07.10.13

Mirrors approach to modernday football, Superb gameplay visuals, Sticks to its PES gene, Create a player feature very detailed

Lacks depth in terms of gameplay options, Awful commentary, Licensing issues, Outdated UI

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,, am 02.10.13
PES 2014 is a huge improvement in a franchise with a new engine, which will provide football fans with countless hours of fun. Sadly for everything good Konami has done, if they don't change their after sales administration, PES will never be top of the L...mehr lesen, am 30.09.13
New tech ends up costing this soccer title more than it's worth. The FOX Engine may hold promise for the future, but PES 2014 is a setback for the franchise on current generation platforms....mehr lesen
,, am 30.09.13
Every year soccer gamers are faced the difficult choice of spending their money on either Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer or EA Sport's FIFA franchise. While both game have their strengths and weaknesses, Konami sprints into the 2014 fray with not only a ne...mehr lesen, am 24.09.13
In high school, I played soccer. I was on the varsity team that won state. I really enjoyed playing. I always thought it was a great sport. It?s not something I?d see myself doing for forever, but I definitely enjoyed playing it. However, anything else...mehr lesen
,, am 24.09.13
In recent years, being a fan of Pro Evolution Soccer has been a little like being a member of an increasingly exclusive club with a bizarre and arcane set of rules for entry. Once inside, you can enjoy a rich atmosphere, plush furnishings, and the fine...mehr lesen

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